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about plants, culture, and experience in Bali

by Rit Kit

If you’ve never been to Bali, I hope you will feel an authentic connection to this island and will be inspired by the beauty I’ve discovered here

For almost half a lifetime, I dedicated myself to explore the world of nature through different media.


From my very first visit to Bali in 2017, this island astonished me with the richness of nature, deep meaning, beauty of traditions, kindness and pureness of local people. 

I was searching for a way to convey it to the world.


If you’ve never been to Bali,

I’m sure you would feel an authentic connection to this island and would be inspired by the beauty I’ve discovered here.


If you’ve already been to Bali, this book will remind you of the magic and transparent power of this place.

My name is Rita, I’m a botanical tattoo-artist from Ukraine, who works in my intended technique: imprinting real flowers and nature objects on human bodies

Bunga — means "flower" in Indonesian language.

Dedicated to all who see the beauty in plants and have joy
to learn new cultures.

Scanning allows me to transport nature, flowers and objects to paper in the most realistic way. You can experience nature 1:1 as if you were holding it in your hands.

Images in this book were made with the method I came up with in 2018 — scanning plants and surroundings.

How to order?

Pre-order of the book is open, the presale price is 69 euro. 
The book will be printed in Ukraine and shipped worldwide.

All the preordered copies will be rare and special. Stay tuned!


Size 26*30 cm

Weight 1.7 kg

Amount of page 240

Hard cover

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